We have answers for you at Voyable. Travel Insurance is an area some vacationing people tend to consider last, so let's take a look at how some of it works by answering a few of the more common questions. 

Travel Insurance
I’m a Canadian resident planning for an upcoming trip

If you are a Canadian resident and need affordable travel insurance for an upcoming trip, you’ve come to the right place.

To help you find coverage for your trip, we will ask you a few questions during the quote process to better understand your unique needs.

If you identify during the quote process that you are a Canadian resident who is planning one upcoming trip, we will then ask a question about what scenarios you’d like to be covered for during that trip.

Based on your answers, we will provide you with a quote for a plan (or plans) designed for Canadian residents who are seeking coverage for an upcoming trip, which also fits your unique travel needs.

Depending on your answers, you will be presented with one or more of the following plan options:

• Medical Plan
• Cancellation Plan
• Medical + Cancellation Plan

The sections below provide more information on the types of coverage available to help you make an informed decision.

If you have any questions during your research or need assistance with selecting a plan, feel free to contact us.

International Visitor to Canada
I’m an international visitor to Canada

For international visitors coming to Canada, having adequate travel insurance in place during their stay here is just as important as it is for Canadians who are travelling abroad.

Whether you are an international visitor planning a short visit to Canada to see family and friends, or a longer stay to explore all that Canada has to offer, Visitors to Canada travel insurance will provide emergency medical coverage for the duration of your visit, with benefit limit options of $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 CAD.

Visitors to Canada Plans can also be purchased by a Canadian resident on behalf of their international family or friends who are coming to visit them in Canada. When we open our doors to family and friends from abroad, we want to extend our very best hospitality to make them feel comfortable and welcome. Part of that welcome can include making sure they have access to affordable health care in the event they unexpectedly fall ill or experience an unfortunate injury during their stay.

A Visitors to Canada Plan is ideal for:

• International tourists exploring Canada
• International visitors coming to see family and friends
• Super visa applicants
• New immigrants
• Temporary workers
• Foreign workers
• Canadians returning from extended leave who must wait for Canadian provincial health benefits to be reinstated

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Super Visa Insurance
I’m a Super Visa applicant

A Super Visa offers Canadian and permanent resident families the opportunity to reunite with a parent or grandparent who live outside of Canada for up to two consecutive years and for the duration of ten years. As part of the Super Visa application process, applicants must confirm they have emergency medical travel insurance coverage in place for at least one year after arriving in Canada. Canadian residents may purchase medical insurance on behalf of their visiting family member(s) who are part of the Super Visa program, and should be aware that if they have sponsored their stay, are responsible for their medical bills in the event that they are unable to pay. This is one of the reasons why it is essential for a Super Visa applicant to be covered with the right medical insurance plan for the duration of their stay.


• Minimum emergency medical insurance coverage of $100,000 CAD, valid for at least one year from the date of entry.
• Proof that the medical insurance premium has been paid.
• Provide a signed letter from your child or grandchild, inviting you to Canada and a promise that they will be able to provide financial support. For more details on the Super Visa application process, please visit Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

Benefits offered:

• $100,000 in medical coverage for the duration of a year.
• No medical questionnaires required to obtain a quote.
• No deductibles, which means no additional costs when filing a valid claim.
• The option to return to your home country for a visit before coming back to Canada without cancelling coverage.
• Partial refund of your policy for unused days if you return to your home country earlier than planned.
• 24-Hour Emergency Travel Assistance.

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